Our Services

Our comprehensive training programs, developed internally and conducted by experienced Senior Facilitators are categorized into the following areas:

Leadership Development
High Performance Leadership is essential for companies who strive for continuous business growth. Leadership positions can be challenging since there are many areas to focus on, including people, finances and resources management. Our fun and relevant Leadership Development Programs ensure that your leaders are equipped with the proper skills to handle these challenges.

People & Team Development
StaffRIGHT Solutions is a People Development Company. We can assist your training department to address your immediate training requirement, or we can partner with your company to develop a comprehensive, long-term people development program. These programs focus on specific competency areas required by business managers and leaders. Whichever options you choose, you will be assured of quality and cost-effective training solutions for your people.

Trainer Development
How does your training function contribute to your business objectives? Develop your trainers in the competency areas of Training Needs Analysis, Curriculum Design and Development and Training Evaluation and experience the benefits through improved performance levels across your business.

Near Hire Training
Increase your number of hires and reduce your cost per hire with our proven Near-hire Training Program. Our clients currently enjoy a 40-60% increase in hires through this program. No additional sourcing is required for these candidates so it actually reduces cost per hire. Transform your & failing candidates into hiring candidates with our No Obligation System.

Core Skills Training
This module focuses on the basic skills needed to provide quality customer service in the call center setting. The module includes language and culture training, as well as, customer handling skills. Turn your newly hired employees to call center professionals in 5 - 10 days.

The biggest cost component of most training is related to maintaining a training site, getting participants to go to the training venue, providing for their accommodation, and paying for the trainer to facilitate the training. e-Learning and Computer-Based Training (CBT) can eliminate these on-going and escalating training costs and reduce training time by as much as 50%.

Train your employees faster and at a lower cost!

Our experienced Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers work closely to ensure that our eLearning modules target the knowledge and skills that our clients expect their employees to develop.

Among others, we have developed eLearning modules on banking, procurement and inventory management systems. We use an eLearning authoring tool that allows our modules to interact with different learning management systems - be they purchased or from an open-source.

We have helped clients save 70% on training costs. Our eLearning experts can help you answer how to optimize your organization's IT infrastructure to launch internet or web-based training modules.

Investing in eLearning modules is not as expensive as many think it is.

StaffRIGHT Solutions can help you reduce your recruitment cost, effort and time by providing you with a dedicated team of recruiters to assist you in your hiring requirements. Our highly efficient and professional team of recruiters are trained and experienced in sourcing, lead generation, competency based interviewing and profiling to ensure you that only the best candidates arrive at your door.

We have extensive expertise in Call Center Agent Recruitment, Business Support and Team Leader/Supervisory Recruitment as well as Management / Executive Placement.

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